Teacher Training Event in Mid Wales


Primary school teachers practise activities from Universe in a Box

Inspire, Inform, Enable. The motto of the Centre for Alternative Technology in Machynlleth (Mid Wales) and the aim of the Cardiff School of Physics and Astronomy outreach department. This is why the Inspiring Science Education and Universe in the Classroom projects joined together on 3rd December to run parallel CPD sessions for primary and secondary teachers at the centre which is based in Machynlleth, Mid Wales.

During the session nine attending primary teachers from local welsh schools across the country were given a variety of astronomy education tools to take back to their schools. These included a Universe in a Box hands-on toolkit, an Earth Ball, several activity books and access to the Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network (LCOGT).

Secondary teachers were introduced Chromoscope, Multiwavelength Universe, Star in a Box, as well as software such as Stellarium (free) and Logger Pro (free to members of Inspiring Science Education).


View of Machynlleth, Mid Wales

All attending teachers and educators were also provided with an introduction to the National Schools’ Observatory from Dr Chris Leigh and the STEM Ambassador project from Heather Hall.

The sessions were well attended and the location of the venue not only provided an opportunity for schools from the rural areas across Mid Wales to attend, but it also reminded us just how stunning the welsh countryside can be!