Over Half Our Universe-in-a-Box Toolkits Are Now In Welsh Primary Schools!

Welsh Cosmos in your Pocket

Brand new Welsh Cosmos in your Pocket activity books

Universe in the Classroom has now handed out more than half our Universe in a Box toolkits!

Yesterday, six more Welsh primary schools received a toolkit during a teacher training CPD, along with a range of other astronomy-based resources, including our brand new Welsh language Cosmos in Your Pocket activity books.

Membership of Universe in the Classroom is free of charge to Welsh primary schools, thanks to support from the Welsh Government National Science Academy. However, due to limited resources, only invited schools — prioritised based on specific criteria – are being accepted onto the project. These criterion was recently broadened to include all Welsh Medium schools across the country.

Due to a lack of Welsh language science resources for primary schools, these schools are often neglected by similar outreach project and now we’re working to change this!

Teacher Training CPD 19.6.2014

Teacher Training CPD 19.6.2014

Thanks to the hands-on, investigation-based materials and activities of Universe in the Classroom, the resources are perfect for both English and Welsh Medium schools.

If you’re from a Welsh Medium primary school and would like to join the project, email us at unawe@astro.cf.ac.uk