Capturing the Universe through the medium of Welsh


On Wednesday afternoon, 7th May 2014, Pioneer TV production company came to film Dr Rhodri Evans and myself for a new program that is to be aired on S4C. The reason behind the aforementioned people isn’t because of our, ahem, amazing talents in science communication, but it was because they wanted scientists to speak about the Universe through the medium of Welsh.

At the moment there are a limited amount of science programmes televised through the medium of Welsh. In recent years the amount of science communication and outreach in Wales has greatly increased but the amount of it that is presented in Welsh is small. Not only is getting the public engaged in physics and astronomy very important, but being able to communicate it in Welsh is integral to getting children and adults of all ages, and from every corner of Wales, interested in how our Universe works!

The topics we discussed ranged from exoplanets, the creation of our Sun and other stars, black holes, and galaxies, to talking about the possibilities of other living organisms in the Universe and whether Fermi had a point when he proposed his paradox. The aim is to give a general insight into the Universe we live in, and by doing it through the medium of Welsh and filming here at Cardiff University, it will hopefully bring more Welsh speakers into the Physics and Astronomy department in the future.