Bringing Astronomy Education to Special Schools

A selection of eight new schools now have a set of brand new astronomy education materials courtesy of Universe in the Classroom. Eight teachers, all from separate schools across South Wales gathered for a Science PLC meeting at Ysgol Maes y Coed school earlier today, and were visited by Sarah Eve Roberts of Universe in the Classroom, and Emma Wride of AstroCymru.

All eight teachers work in special schools that cater to young children aged between 4 and 11 years. These teachers are particularly motivated to make learning fun and inspiring for their students, and as such were selected as prime candidates to receive materials from Universe in the Classroom, which included a Universe-in-a-Box and Earth Ball (with accompanying activity guides), a Cosmos in your Pocket booklet and a children’s storybook about life across the globe and beyond.

During the meeting the Sarah and Emma demonstrated how to get kids excited about astronomy; with constellation viewing and a look at the scale of the Solar System, rocket-launching and the opportunity to play with real space rocks!

Both AstroCymru and Universe in the Classroom plan to visit the participating schools in the future to run astronomy workshop with the students and hopefully inspire them to look at the world around them with new, brighter eyes.