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Tips to Study over Easter Break  

11 March 2022

Tips to Study over Easter Break  



As a third-year student, I know how enticing it is to give in to the temptation to just watch Netflix and relax over the Easter break. However, over the two years of university, I have realized how important Easter break is to catch up on the semester and the upcoming assessments and exams. Here are some tips to make your Easter recess fun and productive!  


  1. Make a plan

Go through your module handbooks and your lecture notes and make a list of exactly what needs to get done. What lectures do you need to watch for each module or what assignments do you need to plan and how you are going to do it.  Now break this down into what you’d like to do each day or week. Plan this around any big events or commitments you have. Don’t plan to finish the entire list in one day because that’s not going to happen. Break it down in a manner that allows you to study and also relax every day. This will allow being motivated to finish your daily tasks so that you’re free to enjoy the rest of the day.  


  1. Start early 


It’s normal to start getting exhausted as the break comes to an end. Plan to finish more things earlier in the break since this is more realistic. Also, start your day by finishing whatever studying you need to. By doing this you get the majority of your work done early in the day and thus you’re free to do whatever you would like to do for the rest of the day. Wake up early if you’d like so you can finish your daily to-do list and then continue with the day.    


  1. Work with a friend 

The pandemic has allowed us to learn new ways to study with our friends! Work on zoom with your friends if you’d like or if you are near each other, find a quiet space you both can work in for a couple of hours. This allows the study session to be something you look forward to as opposed to something dread.  


  1. Take breaks 


Easter break is not only about studying but also having fun! So make plans with your friends and families to do whatever you’d like. This way you’ll be refreshed when you come back and will be able to finish the rest of the semester with full dedication.