Top 5 Coffee Shops to do work in

Posted on 5 June 2021 by Rowenna

Exam season can be a daunting time, especially when you have to work in your room or your kitchen as this is not always a quiet space where it is easy to study – especially considering we’ve spent so long in our houses this year! Here is a list of the top five coffee shops
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10 hidden gems in Cardiff

Posted on 4 June 2021 by Jess

With some restrictions easing, I wanted to write a blog about the 10 hidden gems available in Cardiff so you have some ideas of where you can go to socialise with friends and family. Before going to any of these please check the current COVID-19 restrictions.  Uncommon Ground Coffee Roastery The Uncommon Ground Coffee Roastery
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What to do when you don’t want to go out

Posted on 2 June 2021 by Miah

Enjoying your own company. Sometimes, there can be a big emphasis on going out and drinking at university. Club culture and drinking culture is not for everyone and most days I don’t want to be in a bar drinking alcohol into the early hours of the morning. I’d much rather stay in and enjoy my
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5 simple dinners for people who cannot cook

Posted on 26 May 2021 by Miah

Before you got to uni, you most likely never had to cook every meal for yourself but once you are moved in , you’re faced with needing to do all the cooking! Here are 5 easy dinner recipes for people who cannot cook or fins it difficult to come up with ideas. Tomato pasta and
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Learning for learning’s sake

Posted on 24 May 2021 by Ellen

Recently, I entered a period of de-motivation where I was hardly working and mainly lazing around. Don’t get me wrong taking time out is great and is important for your body to recuperate, but having started back at placement, I needed to be utilising my time efficiently to consolidate what I have seen. One of
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The Guide to an Introvert coming out of lockdown

Posted on 17 May 2021 by Tommy

Many students have long envisioned and dreamt of the day that the world is opened up to us again where we can once again explore and socialise just like in the good old days. Even though we were only locked up at the start of last year, it has still felt like an eternity. However,
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Last minute productivity – is it worth it?

Posted on 16 May 2021 by Ellen

I think it’s so important to be able to self-evaluate and recognise areas that you need to work on, so today I want to reflect on a topic which many of you may resonate with: procrastination & last minute productivity. I believe it is actually one of my weaknesses, which often leads to burnout. Even
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Cardiff Student Heroes: Tillie Page

Posted on 16 May 2021 by Ellie

BA Chinese Student and founder of Page Illustrations, Tillie Page, won the Student Start Up Curious Explorer Award after launching her business on Etsy in June last year. She was entered into the competition by Cardiff University’s Enterprise team and was awarded £3,000 to invest back into her business due to demonstrating “exceptional vision and
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