Tips on how to be prepared when moving into university

Posted on 24 October 2020 by Jess

When moving to university, there are lots of things to remember and the last thing you want is to leave everything to the last minute and forget something. This blog aims to inform prospective students of tips on how to be prepared when moving to university.  Making a checklist or several checklists is always handy
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Astudio Meddygaeth; Wythnos y Gymraeg

Posted on 16 October 2020 by Megan Prys

Helo! Megan Prys Evans ydw i, myfyrwraig feddygol yng Nghaerdydd. Dwi newydd ddechrau ar fy nhrydedd flwyddyn ac yn mwynhau bob eiliad ar hyn o bryd. Yn y flwyddyn gyntaf a’r ail flwyddyn nid oedd llawer o amlygiad clinigol, oddeutu un diwrnod bob pythefnos. Mae hyn wedi newid yn hollol yn y drydedd flwyddyn gan
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Dealing with Homesickness in a Locked-Down World

Posted on 12 October 2020 by Henry

The world is a pretty weird place right now. With concepts such as ‘test, track and trace’; ‘self-isolation’ and ‘lockdown’ all being thrust upon us over the past few months, it isn’t easy getting up and moving on with life again. But that isn’t to say normal struggles don’t matter any more – if anything,
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Getting Involved at University whilst Remote Studying

Posted on 9 October 2020 by Zoe

The social aspect is one of the best things about going to university, but with a pandemic still amongst us, this academic year is going to look very different. Lectures are being taught online where they can, and small group teaching is happening on campus. It can be a very isolating time for most students; however, you
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Making the Jump from First Year to Second Year

Posted on 1 October 2020 by Ellie

Making that often anxiously anticipated jump from a fresher to a second year is a fairly big moment in any student’s life. However, despite it being the first time that your work fully counts towards your final degree grade, it is not something to lose sleep over! Here are some of the main differences between
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Making Your Uni Room a Peaceful Place to Work

Posted on 28 September 2020 by Ellie

As we are now finding ourselves typically confined to the work environment of our bedrooms, it is more important than ever to create a peaceful and personal space to optimise our study potential. So yes, I am here to give you every excuse to deck out your room in all the fairy lights, plants, and
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Graduates – let’s talk about GAMSAT!

Posted on 20 September 2020 by Ellen

As part of my preparing for your medicine application series, I am delighted to be able to provide some information about GAMSAT for those of you who are looking to do graduate entry medicine or wanting to find out some information as an alternative pathway into medicine. As a disclaimer, as I mentioned in the
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University Halls Interview

Posted on 20 September 2020 by Rowenna

University halls, known for being far away from campus, lots of people dread living here – but everyone I’ve spoke to who has actually lived here found the experience enjoyable! To learn more about it, I interviewed Ruby.   What was your favourite thing about your halls and why?  I loved how quickly everyone in the flats became so close, as we
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