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Making the best of your student life with Give it a Go CSU!

22 March 2022

Give it a Go CSU, is one of the most active societies in Cardiff University. The Give it a Go team always has a calendar full of amazing activities for Cardiff University’s current and prospective students. You can get involved in different sports activities, learn new languages, go on day and weekend trips and so much more!

Since we are quickly approaching Easter break and the end of the semester, the Give it a Go has quite a few very popular trips planned this weekend that every student should know about. Follow the link below to unveil a huge secret I have for you about these Give it a Go Trips! Stay tuned, keep checking the give it a go website and make sure you don’t miss out on the amazing trips to make the most of your student experience in Cardiff.

Follow the link to know more:

Maheen Chishti-