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Student Mentor Scheme at Cardiff University

31 March 2022

Being a first year can be daunting and nerve-wracking, but Cardiff University has set up a scheme to help new students feel welcomed. 

The student mentor scheme helps first years and new students feel settled during the move to university. As a first year undergraduate, you will have access to a student mentor, who is in their second or third year, from your academic school. 

Mentors are there to help you with academic and non-academic issues you may be facing. They are there to support you throughout your whole first year and can help you understand university life, guide you through referencing, provide you with opportunities to meet other students in the same academic school as you, give you life advice and so much more. 

You will have your student mentor’s email so you can email them queries or you can message them on teams, as well as ask them any questions in meetings that may be held weekly or fortnightly. 

Having a student mentor is a great chance for you to share your worries with a fellow student, and get advice. It is also a great chance to ask any and all questions about the university, your academic school, the social life in Cardiff, and any other questions you have been longing to ask. 

After your first year, you can become a student mentor yourself. Being a student mentor is not only incredibly rewarding but is also a fantastic thing to add to your CV. Being a student mentor shows you have responsibility, compassion, good communication, leadership, and planning skills. 

You will get full training from the university and you will be a certified student mentor. 

As a student mentor you will arrange and attend a ‘Meet your Mentor’ session at the beginning of semester one, complete weekly or fortnightly meetings with your first year students – you need to complete 4-6 sessions, plan 30 minute sessions on a variety of topics for your freshers, and write a brief log of each session which you will have to submit. 

All you need to do to become a student mentor is apply online when the applications open in the second semester.

Student mentors are a great help to Cardiff University students, and it is a fantastic opportunity to be a part of. 


Stay tuned for more videos and blogs!

Miah x