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Tips on how to create a good bond with your roommates!

17 May 2023

Living at University, far from home and family, can be tough sometimes. In moments like that, your roommates are the ones who stand by you and make you feel less homesick. Living with roommates can be a true blessing as they are your source of friendship, fun, comfort and of course, a better understanding of human nature.

Having said that, I completely understand that at the start, it might not be that way since we are all new and lost. At that time, I believe, it is very important to form a strong base of a bond as this companionship is wonderful throughout. So, here are some things that I think helped me to form good and lasting friendships in my first semester here:

1. Put in efforts

Well, this might sound tough or even scary but the very first step is to talk to your roommates and take the effort needed to make plans with them. They might be heading to other flats or just to a cafe, it is important that you agree with them on a few things and also invite them to go with you sometimes. The effort will always end well that is for sure. You need to take a few steps at the start so that you guys not only get comfortable with each other but also to ensure that you find a common base with them which you can talk about! This will also help you to get to know others as your roommates will meet you with their friends and this way, your circle will expand.

2. Organise things together

Once you guys have gotten to know each other, it can become tedious and tiring to make new plans but it is imperative to do that. This is because at the start of the university, everyone is willing and free which makes it easy to start a nice bond but later on, everybody will get busy. That is when you guys need to come together and organise activities to do together… ones that you are all interested in of course. One simple but very effective thing that my flatmates do is that we ensure we all have dinner together at least once every few weeks. This helps us to stay connected to each other and also keep up with each other’s courses. Other things that my friends do is plan barbeques and picnics with their flatmates. The options are endless and you can do anything that brings you guys joy.

3. Help out and stick to the rules

This step needs to be stressed. When you guys first move in, there will definitely be a rota to ensure that all the work that needs to be done in the flat, like taking the bins out, cleaning the surfaces, and others. Your true task is then to stick to these rotas and maintain cleanliness in the flat. Nothing breaks a roommate bond more than arguments about small things like uncleaned dishes and dirty flat items. It is thus very important that you do your part and sometimes ensure that you can peacefully discuss these things with your other flatmates if they are lacking in their part. Of course, things like keeping your music volume down and being kind to your roommates are also necessary!