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Things to know about the John Percival building!

17 May 2023

If you are studying English, Welsh, Religion or Philosophy, this will be your home school. So, it becomes extremely necessary to get a good understanding of the building since the chances are high that you will end up getting lost in here (only at the very start, of course)!

The very first thing to know is the location of the building. The John Percival Building can be accessed from Colum Road, turning onto Colum Drive. There is a barrier to access the Colum Drive Site which is operated with a University ID card. There is an intercom at the barrier and a security lodge close by if assistance is required. The security lodge telephone number is +44 (0)29 2087 6711. It can also be reached when walking in from the Corbett Road side and then following the path past the Arts and Social Studies Library, where there is a short and slightly steep slope, then a flat path leading to the main entrance.

Moreover, here are a few things to know about the huge and sometimes confusing building known as John Percival or JP building:

1. There is a wide courtyard in the middle of the building which faces the cafeteria and divides the building into two segments. In this courtyard, you will find benches and students socialising under the clear sky (if it is raining, you just run past it). This courtyard is a great place to hang out with your friends or get some work done. It acts as a nice break from the classroom structures and gives you a much-needed breather. You can also enjoy a meal from the cafeteria in this courtyard.

2. There is a really great cafeteria in the building so if you need a quick and affordable snack or meal, that is the place to go. The cafe serves hot, freshly prepared food and drinks such as smoothies and coffees and teas along with frozen foods and packaged items. They have a good number of sandwiches, lunch boxes and canned drinks available in the cafe which can then quickly be grabbed on the way to your class. They also offer a 10 per cent discount on morning drinks such as smoothies if you grab one before 10am so chop chop!

3. There is a water bottle filling station on the ground floor which has drinking water. It is located in the sitting area of the cafeteria and can be seen straight ahead when you enter the cafeteria. There is also a vending machine located in the cafeteria which is always available even after the cafeteria counter serving hot food and drinks closes down around 5. So, if you need a snack, the vending machine got you covered.

4. There are also nice hanging out spaces outside the building, close to the library. There is a 20-stand bicycle parking station outside the building that can be used if you want to securely park your bicycle. The building also has 3 accessible parking bays and 5 visitor parking bays along Colum Drive which makes parking convenient.

5. Moreover, there is a unisex-accessible toilet on the ground floor (0.16A), within the refectory. There are also unisex accessible toilets on the first floor (1.65), on the third floor (3.55), on the fourth floor (4.22) and on the fifth floor (5.27). There are male and female standard cubicle toilets on all floors.