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Advice for StudentsApplying to University

Things to do while waiting to hear back from universities

21 February 2023

While there are many aspects of applying to universities that can be nail-biting, awaiting updates and answers from your desired universities has to be the most headache-inducing! Don’t worry though, we have all been there.

Since universities can sometimes take a really long time to get back and tell us if we got in or not (in addition to telling us about the next steps), it becomes important to keep our minds busy and be productive during this time.  Here are some things to keep yourself productively engaged while waiting for your desired university to get back to you:

1. Take online courses

Most of us have a tendency to underestimate the power of online learning. As an international Journalism student myself, I can tell you that the skills you learn at university are perfectly complemented by online courses that pertain to your subject (and even otherwise). Taking e-courses might seem boring but it doesn’t have to be! There are loads of online courses that are free and based on subjects you love. Additionally, these courses can help build a foundation that lets you sail through the initial lectures. Doing this might also guide you towards opening your mind to newer interests and random facts that will help you to befriend different kinds of majors at University!


2. Learn more about your modules and courses

While this might seem surprising, it can actually be really helpful to get an in-depth look at your course at your desired university (top 1 or 2). This can help to prepare you for your upcoming lectures and also give you the highlights of what exactly will be expected of you. You can thus start preparing for your course modules. Many universities also give you the option to pick your modules and if you read well, you can also decide on which ones you want to study. Sometimes, you might end up finding out some lesser-known facts about your courses and your professors.

3. Talk to seniors

This has to be the most important step to take before going to University! I cannot stress enough just how much a senior can help you with the preparation for university. Be it the simplest things like what to get with you or more complex topics like how to cope with academic pressure, seniors know it all. Especially if you can find a senior who is from around your country (for international students) or your school (for home students), they can share their experience and give you amazing tips! Moreover, they can also candidly tell you the high and low points of the university which can help to guide your future decisions. You can chat to our current students via Unibuddy.

4. Interact with fellow coursemates/roommates

It might take a little extra time and effort to get in touch with your roommates or coursemates but it can make all the difference! By simply following university pages on their socials and reaching out to a few people, you can find your people online! This makes your university experience better as you meet people virtually and have a great bond formed on similar experiences. Moreover, this ensures that you have the base for a friend group before you even arrive at university!

5. Get some work experience/ travel

While this might seem ambiguous as a piece of advice, I genuinely believe that having some simple work or volunteer experience before the university can help you to make the most out of your university life. Applying for part-time work becomes easier when you have some previous experience. Travelling is also recommended as with university, comes a whole bunch of commitment. Amidst this, it might become difficult to travel and enjoy trips. So, make the most out of your free time!