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A day in the life of a Cardiff University student

16 February 2023
Photo by Gülfer ERGİN on Unsplash
Photo by Gülfer ERGİN on Unsplash

Making the most when you can’t attend face-to-face learning 

In the face of strikes and lecturers being away or sick, there can be occasions when we can’t attend face-to-face learning as we would prefer. Therefore, it’s extra important to stay connected to our course and keep up to date with our learning. Here are some tips for staying connected to your degree. 

  • Make the most of readings – if, like me, you’re on a course where you have a lot of readings, it’s really important to make the most of your reading list. This time when you don’t have lectures is great to catch up and take notes to make sure that you are caught up. 
  • Catch up on lectures and watch any recommended lectures – use your free time to catch up on past lectures or any other lectures that have been recommended to you. This helps you keep up to date and helps you expand your knowledge on a given topic. 
  • Prepare questions to ask – to maximise your time with lecturers, prepare some questions to ask regarding the content that you’ve been over. This avoids any mistakes and helps you know what you need to learn.
  • Work on upcoming assignments and prepare for seminars – in any free time, preparing for seminars and working on upcoming assignments is a great use of your time. This ensures that you always show up prepared and don’t leave essays until the last minute. 

Where I like to study across campus 

  • Bute library  – As one of my favourite libraries to sit down and get some work done, Bute library has a quiet focused atmosphere. It’s a great place to go on your own and study. Based in the beautiful Bute Building, it’s based just off Alexandria Gardens, the perfect place to take a study break.
    Alexandra Gardens
  • Centre for Student Life – Being a more social space, the CSL is a great place to work with friends. The more relaxed setting is great for grabbing a coffee and getting some work done or working towards a collaborative project. 
  • Arts and Social Sciences Library (ASSL) – As one of the few 24/7 libraries, the ASSL is a nice place to go in the evening, get a drink and do some work. There are plenty of silent study spaces where you can go to focus and it’s in a comfortable relaxed setting.
  • Science Library – Being the most aesthetic library on the main campus, the science library is a student favourite. It’s a great palace to go and study in a very focused setting. However, it’s always busy so I would recommend going earlier to ensure that you get the best seats. 

There are so many study resources available at Cardiff for you to make the most of. With multiple different study spaces to try out and great online resources to help you stay in touch with your degree. This day in the life of a Cardiff University student gives a taster of ways to stay connected to your course and study spaces that you can use to get you out of your accommodation.