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Things to do in Cardiff on your day off, part 2

12 April 2023

Hello all! Welcome to the second part of things to do when you have some free time in Cardiff. I have started writing more about simple and convenient things to do around Cardiff since many underestimate just how lively Cardiff is.

Being the capital of Wales, Cardiff is the melting pot of culture, economy, and variety. As students, we learn more about places around us by discussing them with our friends so here is my list of places you should check out:


Roath Park

If you live in Cardiff and are unaware of Roath Park and its surrounding area, you are missing out. Roath Park is hands-down one of the prettiest parks in Cardiff. This is attributed to its beautiful flower parks that are decorated with different flowers all around the year, the lake located in the heart of the park, the beautiful ducks and swans in the lake, and the big, white lighthouse. Roath Park has a long trail that allows you to explore the streams and rose bushes found in it. Moreover, the lake and the lighthouse with their picturesque environment provide a calming effect and let you catch a break from everyday life. The park is known to be a nature lover’s paradise but it has something for all of us.

Llandaff Cathedral

This one is a hidden gem that most of us have not come across. Llandaff, said to be one of the poshest areas of Cardiff, has a beautiful cathedral tucked under its trees and greenery. The cathedral is an Anglican construction and is a glorious mix of old history blending into modern art. Not only is it one of the most peaceful areas in Cardiff but it is also absolutely free for visitors who need not necessarily follow the religious faith. All around the cathedral, you will find hidden trails that show another, unseen side of Cardiff. There are also a number of pubs found around the cathedral that add to the modernity of the cathedral’s architecture. Another plus point of this cathedral is that it is peaceful in its aura.

Cardiff Market

The cosy little secret that is beloved by all that have seen it is Cardiff Market. This indoor market is brimming with different types of gems that serve people of all ages. Be it their amazing food shops or the quaint bookstore, you can find all locally sourced products in here. Not only that, the market has a flower shop, two jewellery stores, a fish store, breakfast spots and so much more, tucked under its roof. This pristine Victorian market was originally known for its Welsh cake shops but has now become everyone’s favourite for all kinds of products that the local vendors sell here. Taking a walk through this market will make you feel like you are in a Victorian dream and it is almost impossible to not buy anything when you are here! Weekends are really popular here so maybe schedule your visit for a weekday if you plan to simply explore at first.