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Travelling around Cardiff- a student’s guide

12 April 2023

As a student, I strongly believe that travelling to familiar and new places forms a significant portion of my lifetime. After all, when we aren’t running to our lectures, we are meeting up with friends in different places or just getting lost around this wonderful city!

When I came to university in September, I missed out on a lot of events because I was confused about how to get around Cardiff and kind of scared to explore new routes of travel. So, here, I have listed my ways of getting around Cardiff and what I believe you should know about every mode of travel-

Walk, walk, walk

Yes, the most essential, convenient and affordable of course, way of travel around a city like Cardiff is walking to most places with the guidance of Google or Apple Maps. If you plan your trips, you will notice that walking around Cardiff is not only super safe but also practical. The paths in Cardiff are flat in most places and super scenic which makes it easier to travel around. I would still recommend going out with friends, especially at night, so that you are safe but don’t worry about getting lost since there are a lot of signs and helpful fellow students are all around. Of course, walking also helps you to get some calories burnt along with making you feel refreshed.


Well, some of my friends disagree with me on this but I stand by buses. The problem that most people have with buses is that they aren’t frequent enough for them (I disagree) and that they can’t find the correct buses at the right time. I get that some routes can be a bit problematic with the bus timings and the bus schedules but I have found the buses to be a great way to get around ever since I figured out the key to it. I have been gatekeeping this app but using CITY MAPPER is the best gift you can give yourself today. This app is the sole reason I have been able to figure out just how to get buses and from the stop that is closest to me. City Mapper shows you just how much you need to walk to get to the closest bus station and then which bus number to take along with highlighting the closest bus stop to your destination. So, if you want a solution to being late for your lectures or your tiredness, I would recommend buses and City Mapper.


I had to put taxis on the list since they are one of the most used means of transport (when others aren’t available). Most of us don’t use taxis since they are expensive and can be replaced by walking or buses but when you are dead tired and it is too late to get a bus, a taxi might be your only solution. Of course, if you have friends with you, taxis are way more affordable and can be a really convenient means of transport considering the huge number of taxis in Cardiff. I would also recommend comparing the prices on Bolt, Uber and Dragon Taxis before booking a cab. In a lot of cases, Dragon Taxi can be cheaper than the others and can help you reach places quickly.

OVO Bikes

I genuinely believe that OVO bikes are a gift to us and as students, you are missing out on something crucial if you aren’t checking the bikes out. Not only do you have access to a free yearly membership as a Cardiff University student, they also reduce your carbon footprint along with cutting down the amount of time you spend on travelling. I personally have cut down my travel time to 13 mins from 46 mins! All you need to remember is that you will need to put down a £5 refundable deposit and you can borrow a cycle for up to 30 mins. After the 30 mins, you need to lock that cycle up at the nearest station and you are welcome to borrow another one for 30 mins more, but Cardiff is an accessible city and you mostly won’t need a second 30 mins to reach a particular place. Please don’t forget that when you are making your account, it is important to use your Cardiff University email to use this scheme.