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Talybont South Interview

20 September 2020

In the series of accommodation interviews, I asked myself the same questions i asked other interviewees about Talybont South – one of the most popular student accommodations.  

What was your favourite thing about your halls and why?  

I would have to say my favourite thing about south was the community spirit, everyone would mix and socialise, you didn’t just stick to your flat.  

What was something you wish you had been told before you moved in?  

I wish I had been told about the serial saxophonist that would stand outside my window at the early hours of the morning – to this day I have no idea who it was. Taly south is definitely the party side.  

If you could pick accommodation again, where would you pick (not to be with friends, but singularly about the accommodation)?  

I think I would pick Talybont south again, I would hope that I didn’t get put on ground floor again as my room was pretty dark but the kitchen space was relatively big and the rooms were quite nice. It was also close to the study rooms and the gym which made life a bit easier.  

Which shop did you mainly use?  

I mainly used Lidl because it was the cheapest, I would go after my lectures and try not to overbuy as the trek home with two HEAVY bags could really be a pain. But if I needed to there was always Tesco express or Tesco extra a short walk away if I couldn’t be bothered to be frugal.  

How did you socialise within the accommodation?  

I joined all of the Facebook chats for freshers, the course ones, the house ones, the flat ones, the Talybont south ones – anything I could. Then when people asked to walk together to lectures we would all join up and get to know each other. Within the actual accommodation the entire house had pres in the first week so we all got to know each other that way.  

What were three key points about the halls? 

 Key point 1: the house I was in was really close to the laundry, meaning  the run at night when it’s raining (and you’ve forgotten you had a load on) is relatively short.  

Key point 2: there was always a pres going on somewhere, so no matter the day if you were going out there would be people you could pre with.  

Key point 3: You get an en-suite!

Could you describe the experience and overall vibe of these halls? 

The general vibe was good, at the end of the day University accommodation is a shock to the system as you just aren’t used to living by yourself. I would say that Taly south is the place to be! 

Talybont is definitely the most social of the accommodations, which is both a blessing and a curse. Lots of people in Court and Gate wished they lived here, and we wouldn’t want to live anywhere else but I have to admit that people coming back from nights out at 5am the week before your exams can become a bit frustrating. That is the price we pay for having great social lives though, and generally people are considerate during the exam season.