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LGBT+ Friendly Societies: TANGGS

13 August 2022

TANGGS is the sibling society of CU Pride, a society for all trans students in Cardiff University. It’s a growing LGBT+ friendly society in Cardiff and the ultimate safe-space for trans students who need a place to freely express themselves. This blog post is specifically about TANGGS (Trans, Ally, Non-binary, Gender questioning and Gender non-conforming Society) and what it has to offer.


Unlike CU Pride, TANGGS is a non-alcoholic society. Most of their socials are either in-person or online with alcohol being banned in both of them regardless. TANGGS socials tend not to follow any particular themes but rather focus on group activities and hangouts where folks can meet up. This does not mean that there aren’t any themed socials however as there have been ones such as a Pokémon-themed social or game nights. In person socials tend to normally consist of picnics, crafts and meeting up in venues to sit and chat. The society is also working on getting a regular room booking.

Additionally, TANGGS also has online socials for those who might not always be able to attend in-person ones. A few regular ones include coffee morning and game nights which are held on their discord. It’s fairly common for the online socials to be more relaxed and focused on either just chatting or playing party games online. However, these were mostly popular during lockdown but as restrictions have eased, the society is moving more towards in-person socials again like most societies.

Lastly, other than socials, TANGGS also tends to run events its members can participate in such as the big quiz. They also have their own Minecraft server for members to play together in. There are also plans for more events as well such as joint socials, big competitions and charity events.

Social Media

Arguably the biggest part of the society is its discord server where all of the online socials are held. The discord is TANGGS biggest online presence and where most members go to talk and hang out outside of socials as well as receive important announcements from the committee. Members can also ask for advice or help on issues from other members and committee members on the channels dedicated to venting and common student issues such as housing. However, TANGGS also has various officers as part of the committee that members can approach to ask for help or to simply vent.

Additionally, TANGGS also has a Facebook group, although it is not as active as the discord tends to be. However, socials are also announced there as well as the discord. The link for both the discord server and Facebook group can be found on the official page of the society on the Student Union website. You can also email the society’s social media officer for the invite links.


Useful Links

TANGGS webpage link: