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A Guide to the Best Vintage Clothing Stores in Cardiff!

15 August 2022

Cardiff has so much to offer for students whether it is restaurants, bars or cinemas you will never be bored. One thing that Cardiff offers more than anything however its shopping facilities. With a plethora of shops located in St David’s Shopping Centre and elsewhere in the city centre Cardiff offers everything for your shopping needs, especially clothing. Vintage Clothing shops are some of the most popular with students across the country and Cardiff has plenty of options for students to get the best offers on some vintage clothes.


One of the more recent additions to this list. Bootysale is located on the ground floor of the Cardiff University’s Students Union, offering a perfect location for Cardiff University students in the middle of the Cathays student village. While the shop is not the largest there is plenty of both men’s, women’s and unisex clothing at very affordable prices. There is also a wide variety of clothing on sale including but not limited to sweatshirts, windbreakers and even football shirts. To make matters even better all clothing is entirely preowned and sustainable.


Located within Cardiff’s beautiful High Street Arcade, Hobos is an essential for any student that it is interested in Vintage Clothing. Offering one of the largest selections of second-hand clothes at affordable prices, including one of the biggest selection of second-hand trainers. Hobos offers everything a student could ask for. If you thought that this could not get even better then there is a £5 bargain bucket in the basement that offers incredible deals and you even get a 10% student discount on all items within the store.


One of the most popular choices within this list, Sobeys is located in Royal Arcade and is packed with affordable and high-quality vintage clothing. Incredibly friendly and welcoming staff and incredible deals for students of all budgets means that Sobeys is consistently busy and a must for Cardiff University students. However, Sobeys is probably one of the furthest shops away from Cathays, yet very handy if you are already located within the city centre.

Flamingo Vintage

One of the more local shops in this list, Flamingo Vintage is located within the Capitol Shopping Centre only a few minutes-walk from the Cathays Student Village. One of the largest vintage shops in Cardiff, Flamingo Vintage is the only shop on this list that offers a Kilo Vintage Sale. This means that clothes have different coloured tags that equate to different priced kilos. Flamingo offers incredibly affordable student deals for students that are interested in vintage clothing. Flamingo Vintage contains a large selection of different clothes such as flannel shirts, flares and even bucket hats.