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How to make the most of blended learning

19 September 2021

Blended learning may be new for you or it may be something you may have done over the last year. Regardless, it has its pros and cons. While COVID restrictions are gradually easing, blended learning is here to stay. Here are a few tips you can use to make the most of blended learning. 

Be organised  

Trying to manage a mix of offline and online learning can be difficult and confusing. That’s why it is better to keep a planner or a note on your laptop/phone that has your weekly schedule planned out. Try doing this every weekend before the week starts.  

Keep your technology ready  

The pandemic has made technology an extremely important part of the learning experience at college. Make sure that you have a good functional laptop or tablet (whatever suits your course). In addition to this, ensure that your accommodation provides good internet access so that you can access your learning material at any time.  

Study Space  

With blending learning, you can study from anywhere you would like. That being said, make sure you have a good study space. You could book a space in your library or go to a quiet local coffee shop. Make sure to have a peaceful study space to ensure that you can focus and be attentive during your lectures  

Have a routine  

It is really easy to become lazy and procrastinate listening to lectures when they are online. However, if you try having a routine it will push you to be more proactive and will help you be more productive during the day. Make sure to do exercise every day and eat right, which will help you in maintaining some sort of routine. In addition to this you can also try to form study groups with your friends or with your course mates, this can also help in motivating you to be productive and finish your daily goals/ requirements.  

Expand your horizons 

The benefit of blended learning is that you get to be more flexible with your routine. This means that you also have more time to expand your learning arising. You can take an extra language class or also you can do external online courses which will boost your resume and CV. In addition to this you can also take up a part-time job that can be catered for around your learning timetable. 

Blended learning can be hard and difficult at times, but it’s important to be positive and to keep yourself motivated to ensure that you succeed at it.