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How to Celebrate Halloween during Lockdown

29 October 2020
Some spooky pumpkins I carved last week
Some spooky pumpkins I carved last week

Well, 2020’s Saturday night Halloween plans are certainly not how we expected them to go; but I suppose the same can be said about everything right now.

With the much anticipated annual Yoloween event not taking place in the Student’s Union this year, here are a few ways you can get stuck into spooky season from the comfort of your own home.

Some spooky pumpkins I carved last week

Pumpkin carving

Always a classic, and very budget friendly too. Make it into a competition between your housemates and see who can come up with the most creative design. If you want to take it to a vote, post a poll on your Instagram story and let the people have their say.

Movie night

You can’t beat a scary film that will make you lose an entire night’s sleep. Get a movie marathon on the go accompanied by a bucket load of sweets. How much Netflix binging can you fit in one night?

House dressing up competition

Just because you can’t go out doesn’t mean you have to hang up your witches hat and vampire fangs. Whip out the fake blood and have a costume face-off with your housemates or friends over FaceTime. To make it even more exciting, you could potentially come up with a theme such as ‘anything but clothes’ (think tin foil or bedding), or characters from a particular TV show.  

Spooky zoom quiz

Who said it just had to be your household getting involved in the festivities? Have a virtual get-together with some friends and family for a Halloween themed quiz.

Trick-or-Treat scavenger hunt

Easter Egg hunt, but make it Halloween. Dedicate one person in the household to hide a ton of sweet treats around the house and send your housemates on a mad dash to find them all. I can just see the chaos now.

Creepy cook-off

One person on starters, another on mains, and someone else takes pudding. Get together to cook up a terrifying storm of gruesome (but tasty) dishes. I’m talking mummy meatballs, spooky cheese fingers, and bloody brownies – the more creative, the better.   

Games night

There’s no better bonding activity than a games night. Murder mysteries, spooky charades, or even cosying down to listen to a scary story will set the mood just right.  


Of course, there is nothing stopping you from going all out on the interior design for Halloween. Get your cobwebs and spiders out to prepare for a great night of bone-chilling fun.