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Fun activities to do that don’t involve alcohol!

5 January 2024

Living at University involves a whole range of fun activities- some that depend on social drinking whilst others don’t. As someone who doesn’t like drinking, I have often struggled to find activities that can be enjoyed with multiple people and don’t include alcohol at the same time. However, after spending more than a year here, I have found ways to make social activities fun without having to spend on alcohol.

Here are some things I really enjoy doing with my friends or sometimes, on my own:

1. Going to Cardiff Bay or Barry Island

Going on day trips or just visits can be really fun. Often, I take a train from Cathays and end up going somewhere close yet bustling like Cardiff Bay or Barry Island. These places are perfect for casual strolls or shopping sprees. Moreover, the number of good restaurants and cafes there make it the perfect place for days like this. You can spend your time around others whilst enjoying your own company. A pro tip would be to wait for sunsets or sunrises because they are extremely pretty.

2. Going to cinemas

Very often, there are some films released that I really want to catch so, another great way of spending time around Cardiff is to head to cinemas close to you and just splurge on popcorn and soft drinks. The student discount on tickets surely supports the case of going to the cinema when you want to. Not only that, there are cinemas in Cardiff that are located close to University buildings such as Vue Cinema which is located right opposite to the School of Journalism, Media and Culture. Watching movies surrounded by your friends can make a great bonding experience as well.

3. Attending social events at the SU

The Cardiff University Student Union does a lot of activities for students who don’t drink, be it cultural events that can help you to find out about other cultures in-depth or musical events that support smaller and local artists and bands or even the give-it-a-go trips that allow you to explore different parts of the UK. These events all help you to make more friends whilst ensuring you don’t need to pay a lot of money for it. I have also been attended these events with my friends which has made it all so much more fun.

4. Visiting parks

Being in Cardiff definitely has many ups, the big and refreshing parks being one. Be it Roath Park or Bute Park, there is no better way to spend time than in a park on your day offs. These parks are not just great spots for a walk or an exercising session but they are also amazing spots for picnics and cafe trips. These parks often have local vendors who are selling fresh produce and these make for amazing activities that you and your friends can enjoy. Moreover, on good days, you can rent some cycles and enjoy the beautiful green patches whilst bonding with your friends. It also makes a great break from everyday university life which can get stressful at times.