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My favourite Skincare shops in Cardiff!

5 January 2024

Being a city, Cardiff offers something for everyone- from makeup to skincare to much more. Having moved from another country, I would always wonder which skincare brands I can trust, and which brands are worth the hype and cost. However, after being in the UK for more than a year and a half, I have found some shops that I genuinely find to be great distributors of cost-effective and helpful skincare.

So, here are some specific and some general stores that I often visit:

1. Lush

I believe this one is on everybody’s list. From their wonderful bath bombs to their amazing shower gels, Lush is truly one of my favourite stores to visit. Their store, located on Queen Street, is always full of fresh and high-quality items and definitely offers some of the best scents I have used. It also has a spa in-store which is something that can be explored on a day off. They are also supporters of ethical shopping and no animal testing which makes their products environment conscious. However, it is pricier than a lot of skincare brands so that is the only downside.

2. Superdrug

Superdrug is a wider shopping market with multiple brands under one roof. The best part is it offers everything from smaller, more unknown brands to more known brands, be it in make-up, skincare, or perfumes amongst other things. This allows you to find and compare different brands and select according to your preferences whilst not having to worry  I often buy sunscreens from Superdrug since it has multiple brands that I prefer to check out. Superdrug also offers a 10% student discount if you sign up for their membership card so do check that out! From a cheaper to a more middle-ranged skincare, you can find it all in Superdrug.

3. The Body Shop

Located in St.David’s Dewi Sant, the Body Shop outlet is the perfect place to find high-quality skincare. They sell different bodywashes, shampoos and more that are all scented well and nature-based, making it very refreshing. Moreover, they also align with the cruelty-free and ethically made ideology of skincare and makeup industries which is another upside of showing at the Body shop. I personally really like their gifting range as well as it is not too pricey and has a good amount of stuff. If you prefer more subtle fragrances and more reliable skincare, The Body Shop is the way to go.

4. Savers Health and Beauty

This one is, as the name suggests, for the savers. While there are several outlets of savers all over Cardiff, I personally find the one on Queen Street to be quite well-located and stocked. Savers again has mutiple small and big name brands of skincare located under one roof at very affordable prices. So, if you want to shop within a particular budget, savers is the place to go to. It does have an online delivery service as well which is quite convenient. The quality of the brands is not compromised on either so Savers is a good option if you buy certain brands.