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Creating a Balanced Lifestyle whilst Learning Online

19 September 2020

Learning online has a ton of advantages with attending lectures in your pyjamas being just one of them. However, as we all begin to navigate this crazy new world we are finding ourselves in, the necessity of taking care of our mental wellbeing in the form of a balanced lifestyle is as important as ever. Here are just a few ways you can boost your productivity whilst studying at home:

Take regular breaks

It really is that simple. Make yourself a cup of tea, do some colouring, play Animal Crossing – whatever it is that relaxes you, do it. It is a well-known fact that the best way to learn is to do little and often, so those breaks really are mega important!

Get outside

With in-person learning being extremely limited, the need to actually leave the confines of your bedroom are even less than usual. However, not getting fresh air and remaining cooped up inside for long periods of time is not good for both your health or your ability to learn in the most efficient way.

Get outside at least once a day; whether that be taking a stroll around Bute Park, or going for a browse in town. Even better, call a friend and have a picnic for lunch. This way you can tick off two things at once: fresh air AND social life – brilliant!

Read a book

Zoom calls, emails, powerpoints… online learning also means more screen time and because of this, you need to get away from it for a bit. Grab a book and escape into another (COVID-free) world. Taking a well-earned, screen-free break from your studies will leave you with more energy for when you jump straight back to it.


Although it may be an obvious one, at the moment you may not feel comfortable working out at the gym, especially with all the anxiety-inducing rules that you have to stick to. For this reason, people forget that you do not need a gym to get sweaty. YouTube has all the classes you will ever need and it also gives you the flexibility to decide the intensity, length, and type of exercise you want to do. Plus, it doesn’t even have to make you out of breath – Yoga and Pilates are brilliant for relaxation and strengthening – plus they can give you a positive mind-set to start off your day.

Healthy eating and sleeping

Again, a pretty straightforward one but also something that we all sometimes fail to stick to. Being stuck indoors, it is all too easy to sit and binge on the goods that make us happy, but this can equally make us feel even more sluggish. Trying to stick to a healthy eating plan will make you more likely to concentrate and can boost your mental wellbeing.

The same goes for sleep. Routine is key so try and stick to a reasonable bedtime routine.

Speak to friends

All students are experiencing the same thing so above all else, don’t ever feel alone. Although life is far from normal, certain things like catching up with friends for a chat still are. Having this network will be crucial for getting through online learning and doing your absolute best work, so remember to reach out if you need a pick-me-up from time to time.

Stay positive

Last but not least, keep your head up. You got this!       


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  1. Amanda Clarke

    My schedule changed significantly with the start of lockdown. And probably for the better.
    I don’t get up too early, I’m in no hurry and try to lead a balanced healthy lifestyle.
    At the beginning (in April-May) it was quite hard to get used to distance learning but now I feel comfortable. I know that many people can not bear this remote regime. But as an introvert now I really enjoy this time.

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