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Apps to have if you are a student in the UK! Part-1

16 October 2023

Living in a new country leads to having to find out about new cultures, new places, new way of living and so much more, all by yourself. If you are an international student, moving to the UK feels like moving to a new world wherein no one can really guide you and you have to figure stuff out for yourself. In situations like this, anybody would be willing to receive basically any help from people in order to make their lives easier. Believe me, it is understandable and natural for every one of us. So, one of the best ways of getting some extra guidance and some extra clarity about living in the UK is by using apps.

Here are a few apps that have made my life so much easier and whose creators I thank every single day-

1. Citymapper

If you, like me, are directionally forever lost, then here’s the app for you. This app not only shows you the most accurate directions but it also highlights different modes of transportation you could take to reach there. They highlight how much it would cost to reach a certain place if you took a bus or a train or a cab. These options make it so easy to compare different modes. Not only that, it shows you where to take the bus or train from, how long you would have to walk to reach these places and even, how far your destination would be once you get down from your mode of transport. Of course, it is completely free and works for many cities, not just Cardiff.

2. UNiDays

Who does not love a good discount? UNiDays is the perfect app for all of us university students as it helps you gain good deals from a variety of different brands, saving you anywhere from 10-60 percent of the original sale price. Not only that, UNiDays also has a collaborative service wherein you can become their University ambassador. UNiDays does discounts on clothes, food, shoes and so much more. All we have to do is sign up with our University ID and University email address so it is great to use whenever you want to go shopping without burning a hole in your pocket.

3. Too Good to Go

This app is one of my personal favourites. Too Good to Go is an app that lets you pick up food from restaurants and cafes that have excess food at the end of the day. These collections are great because it is good food and the prices are always lowered quite a bit. This means you get good food at an affordable rate and no food goes wasted at the end of the day. The app’s original idea was to reduce food wastage in the countries that it operates in. So, you can contribute to a major cause without having to pay excess amounts. This mission is environment friendly and pocket friendly. What more can you ask for! So, all you need to do is download the app and keep your notifications on because food can quickly disappear off the table as there are many hungry students waiting!