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Navigating Pathways: A Comprehensive Guide to Cardiff University’s International Journalism MA Specializations

4 October 2023
A snap shot of Sony FS7 cinema camera system from film set by Sam McGhee (Unsplash)
A snap shot of Sony FS7 cinema camera system from film set by Sam McGhee under the Unsplash License

Embarking on the journey of international journalism at Cardiff University is an exhilarating prospect, especially when faced with the captivating choice of three distinct pathways: documentary, multimedia, and broadcast. It’s not uncommon for some students to feel a bit perplexed at the outset, uncertain about which pathway to embark upon. If you find yourself in this position, fear not—this blog aims to provide a simple yet comprehensive introduction to these three pathways. Whether you’re a prospective student or just curious about the diverse avenues within Cardiff University’s International Journalism (MA) program, this guide is designed to offer insights and guidance. The goal is to shed light on each pathway, providing future students with a roadmap for navigating their choices and, hopefully, making the decision-making process a bit clearer. Let’s dive into the exciting world of international journalism and explore the unique offerings of each specialization.

Multimedia Pathway:

The Multimedia Pathway serves as a dynamic gateway that lays the essential foundations for adept storytelling across an array of platforms. From crafting compelling news articles to navigating the nuanced realms of online and print journalism, this pathway aims to equip students with a comprehensive skill set that goes beyond traditional reporting. Emphasis is placed on mastering diverse content forms, including the visual allure of photography, the compelling narratives of video, the clarity of infographics, and the immersive experience of audio. The overarching goal is not merely to understand current technologies but to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of journalism. Students are not only encouraged but empowered to experiment confidently with new technologies, analyse audience engagement through tools like Google Analytics, and contribute actively to their own digital space—a website that connects them with readers not only in Cardiff but around the globe.

Broadcast Pathway:

The Broadcast Pathway immerses students in the fundamental skills required for intelligent reporting in the expansive realm of broadcast journalism. Beyond the technical proficiency in writing, audio, video, and online platforms, this pathway places a robust emphasis on critical thinking and meaningful communication with the audience. Engaging with current events, participating in discussions on news reporting, and exploring various media outlets are pivotal aspects of this pathway. Aspiring journalists are not merely consumers but active contributors to the media landscape, making connections, staying informed, and developing a deep curiosity about the world around them. The focus extends beyond the tools of the trade; it delves into the essence of journalism as a dynamic, interactive dialogue between the storyteller and the audience.

Documentary Pathway:

The Documentary Pathway immerses students in the heart of the creative process in television and digital film. It highlights the multifaceted role of a documentary producer/director, where one must embody vision, motivation, investigation, communication, and problem-solving. This pathway underscores the fusion of storytelling skills and technical understanding with knowledge of audiences, ethics, regulations, and markets. A documentary producer/director is not merely a storyteller but an organizer, a production manager skilled in budgeting, scheduling, marketing, and legal matters. The role demands an acute sense of what constitutes a compelling story or idea and the ability to convince others of its merit. The pathway is a synthesis of artistic expression and managerial acumen—a unique combination that sets the stage for impactful visual storytelling.

Comparative Analysis:

While each pathway offers a distinct focus and set of skills, it is crucial to recognize that there exists no hierarchical order of superiority among them. The Multimedia Pathway cultivates versatile skills across various content forms, the Broadcast Pathway places emphasis on critical thinking and interactive communication, and the Documentary Pathway immerses students in the intricate process of visual storytelling. The choice ultimately depends on individual interests, passions, and aspirations. Students should approach the decision not as a selection of a superior or inferior path but as a reflection of their unique voice and vision in the ever-evolving landscape of journalism.


In conclusion, there is no definitive “best” pathway—only the one that resonates most profoundly with our individual interests and aspirations. Whether we are drawn to the dynamic world of multimedia, the engaging realm of broadcast, or the captivating storytelling in documentaries, the key is to choose what aligns with our personal passions. Passion, after all, fuels dedication, and it is this dedication that will propel us toward a fulfilling and successful career in international journalism. As we embark on this educational journey at Cardiff University, let’s remind ourselves that our chosen pathway is not just a course of study but a manifestation of our unique voice in the ever-evolving landscape of journalism.