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Apps to have if you are a student in the UK! Part-2

16 October 2023

Student life in the UK can range anywhere from hectic to joyful to busy to relaxed and on most days, it is a rollercoaster that has a little bit of it all. That’s why app developers have smartly found ways to make our lives easier (thank god!) and it would be a waste if we don’t use them because we don’t know about them at all. So, to change that, here are some apps that I think you should know about if you are a student who is studying in the UK:

1. SplitWise

This one is such a life-saver when you are the one who either volunteers to pay for every group event at the start or the one who always forgets to pay for stuff. If you hate the money conversation wherein you have to ask your friends for your money and calculate every penny that you spent, this app is for you. It allows you to split money easily between your friends and even send cool and not-so-awkward reminders to everyone who owes you money. Not only that, it lets you set up a standing order for every month which comes in handy when you have to pay stuff like rent and utilities bill every month. This cuts out the repetitive asking for money aspect every month.

2. Grammarly

This one’s for everyone who has to write essays as part of their degree and for those who are trying to make their English better! Grammarly does have an advanced version that is paid but there is no need to worry. You can just access the free version of it to help it guide you with basic mistakes and basic corrections. It gives you good suggestions on how to edit your essays, how to make your writing clearer, and prevents you from writing the American spellings of words as well. Moreover, it can easily be attached to your Google browser and that makes it easier to use it. It also has a word count alert and record of which mistakes you make often which can be useful in most cases. If you do buy the premium version, it helps you detect any sort of plagiarism in your work, allowing you to avoid any mix-ups and reconsider the essay content.

3. Eventbrite

It’s only understandable that at certain times, you will want to find cheap or free events and things to do around where you live. Being a student can be boring and lonely sometimes which is why apps like Eventbrite are good additions to your phone. They send you alerts and let you know what events are taking place in your vicinity, what is popular, what is free and what is available. Finding your set of events can help you to feel refreshed and calmer after a busy day. You could also be making friends that have the same set of interests as you! Eventbrite has almost all interesting events listed on it on a daily basis and you get to pick and choose as you wish. If you are the kind of person who likes to explore new stuff then Eventbrite is for you!