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Cardiff Student Media: A Guide to Radio and Podcasts

30 July 2022

Broadcast and Magazine Journalism are career paths that many arts students at Cardiff University end up pursuing after graduating. However, many employers within this field often require experience for their positions. Cardiff Student Media located on the third floor of the Student’s Union is a great place to gain experience in these fields. Having ran a radio show for two years and two podcasts while being a member of Cardiff Student Media, here is some information and advice about presenting and producing on the Radio and recording Podcasts at Cardiff University.

Presenting on Xpress Radio

Xpress Radio, Cardiff University’s Radio Station is one of the best platforms offered at the university for students that are interested in gaining experience in the field of Broadcast Journalism. Xpress Radio is open to students of all ages and experience. I personally joined the team when I was in my first year and had no experience at all, other than a love for music and a desire for presenting. Xpress Radio runs shows from 9am till 9pm every day of the week, producing shows from a variety of genres. There is plenty of training provided from the production team at Xpress Radio.

I presented three different shows during my time at Xpress Radio ranging from a Hip Hop and RnB show to a Rock show. It is not just presenting however, that is offered at Xpress Radio. Production is also offered as a part of Xpress Radio and is something which I have been partaking in during my time at Cardiff University. If you have any interest in Broadcast Journalism, presenting or production on the radio in general then it is essential that you check out Cardiff Student Media during your studies at Cardiff University.

Podcasting at Cardiff Student Media

Radio is not the only thing that is offered by Cardiff Student Media when it comes to the field of Broadcast Journalism. Cardiff Student Media also offer the opportunity for students to record and produce their own podcasts within the Student’s Union. Over the course of my four years studying at Cardiff University, I have recorded and produced two separate podcasts as a part of Xpress Radio.

The benefit of podcasting is that, unlike radio they are largely not recorded live and are recorded and edited before being published to a wider audience. Not only this but another benefit of podcasting is that they are usually not limited to a strict recording schedule. Podcasts can be recorded at any time and can even be bulk recorded for when students have busy times of the year, for example exam season. If you have any interest in the field of Broadcast Journalism then podcasts are an essential platform to be aware of. They are right at the centre of modern-day journalism and Xpress Radio offer them as a potential stepping stone in to the field of Broadcast Journalism.