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The Best Places to Watch the Football as a Cardiff University Student

30 July 2022

Whether it is the World Cup, the Champions League Final or just a weekly match, for many Cardiff University students watching football is an integral element of their university experience. However, where to watch the match is sometimes as important as the match itself. Here is some of the best places to watch football both live and on the TV.

The Taf

Situated within the Student’s Union itself, with cheap drink prices and a schedule that includes nearly every game you would want to see the Taf is one of the busiest places to watch the football. On top of this the Taf, being situated within the Student’s Union means that you are guaranteed an entirely student population. Unlike other pubs within the city centre this means that there is usually a good divide between the fan bases allowing for an entertaining and bubbly atmosphere.

Cardiff City Stadium

If you love watching live football regardless of the teams playing then it is essential during your time as a Cardiff University student to get on the train down to the Cardiff City Stadium. Having been on multiple occasions throughout my studies, I have loved watching Cardiff City play whenever I can afford tickets. With a capacity of over 33,000, the atmosphere is always lively and with the Bluebirds being in the Championship, the second tier of English Football, you are always guaranteed a high quality of football.

The Woodville

Situated in the heart of Cathays, The Woodville is the perfect pub to catch the football in, with a spacious downstairs area and beer garden with screens to catch the game. If the Taf is too busy The Woodville is a nice alternative and usually less busy if you want to grab a table to watch the match. However, The Woodville still offers a lively atmosphere and on a summer’s day their beer garden is an essential place to catch the match.

The Principality Stadium

With a prestigious history of hosting some of football’s most important matches, for example the Champions League and FA Cup finals the Principality Stadium is a must for any football fan studying at Cardiff university. Home of the Wales National Team the Principality hosts football at its highest level. While tickets are more expensive here than at the Cardiff City Stadium, you get to experience the best current players that Wales has produced play in front of your very eyes.


Situated in Cathays Gassys is one of the best places to watch a major football match. With a large viewing area and sizeable beer garden the atmosphere is always electric making any major football match unmissable. Centred very locally for any student living within Cathays, Gassys is located perfectly for students that want a great atmosphere for the match.