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The Best Areas to Find Part Time Work as a Cardiff University Student

30 July 2022

Money and more importantly, the lack of money is an issue that affects students throughout their studies at university. Therefore, part time work is something that most Cardiff University students do in order to facilitate their university lifestyle. Whether it is bar work, retail or serving coffee as a barista, here is a few of the areas within Cardiff that offer part time work for students studying at Cardiff University.

St David’s Shopping Centre

Filled with nearly every big-name brand that you can think of St David’s is Cardiff’s premier shopping centre is perfect for students looking for part time work. Whether it is working in retail in shops such as Hamleys, restaurants such as Nando’s and Pizza Express or department stores such as John Lewis there is plenty of opportunities for part time work in St David’s. The city centre probably offers the most opportunities for part time work for Cardiff University students. The only downside of this, however, is that it is about a fifteen-to-twenty-minute walk to get to St David’s from Cathays.


If you are looking for somewhere a bit closer to home for part time work then Cathays has plenty of opportunities for part time work. With plenty of part time work offered in local pubs, such as The Woodville and Gassys and cafés such as Metchys. The benefit of working in Cathays is that it is closer to the student village of Cathays and therefore is easier to travel to for a Cardiff University student. However, due to Cathays being less popular than the city centre there is a risk of there being fewer opportunities.

The University

Cardiff University itself offers plenty of part time work for students throughout its campus. From working in the Student’s Union in The Taf to being a Student Ambassador there are many of ways for students to earn some extra money working for the University. The main benefit of working for Cardiff University alongside your studies is that the work is largely given out on a shift-by-shift basis. This means that when it comes to exam season and deadlines where students are largely unable to work, the University is understanding and realise the pressure that exams can be on their students.


Located next to Cathays, Roath is a local suburb of Cardiff that has plenty of opportunities for students close to Cathays. With plenty of pubs, bars and restaurants offering part time work for Cardiff University students, Roath is the perfect place to look for work. Roath like Cathays offers very good proximity for Cardiff University students as many students also live here. However, like Cathays this means that while there are plenty of opportunities there are not as many as are offered in the city centre.

Principality Stadium

The Principality Stadium offers plenty of work for Cardiff University students that are looking for work throughout the year. The Six Nations Championships and gigs all year round mean that there are always jobs for students available here.