Join us in society’s new ‘superlab’

Posted on 27 October 2021 by Peter Rawlinson

A unique centre of innovation that puts ideas to work is on its way. sbarc | spark has been described as ‘society’s new superlab.’ It brings together Cardiff University experts and entrepreneurs to create spinouts, start-ups, new processes, and products. The six-storey building, on Cardiff Innovation Campus, is nearing completion. Director of Operations, Sally O’Connor
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Fighting disease with surface science

Posted on 18 October 2021 by Peter Rawlinson

Surface science is the study of how layers of atoms interact at the surface of materials. Experts from Cardiff Catalysis Institute (CCI) have recently been awarded funding that will enable them to apply their surface science expertise to molecular mechanisms that underpin important degenerative diseases – from osteoarthritis and glaucoma to psoriasis. Professor Philip Davies, from CCI, explains more.    “Surface Science is crucial in almost every aspect of technology. Every interaction
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Calling all Student Go-Getters!

Posted on 11 October 2021 by Peter Rawlinson

The new University term is about to kick off. As freshers and seasoned students return, thoughts can turn to life after uni. Here, Claire Parry-Witchell, the dedicated business mentor for Student Futures at Cardiff, runs through the support available for student enterprise. “Here at Cardiff University we have a fantabulous team who support students and
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Maximising data brings business benefits

Posted on 4 October 2021 by Peter Rawlinson

Cardiff University help Virtus Tech improve their data capabilities and deliver greater benefits to clients. The company, based in Cardiff’s Tramshed Tech coworking space, specialise in the creation and hosting of digital 360-degree tours. Co-founders Robin Davies and George Bellwood explain more.  “Virtus Tech specialises in creating and hosting digital tours using a combination of virtual reality and digital features. Our expertise in digital photography and key
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SETsquared & Cardiff to grow success

Posted on 27 September 2021 by Peter Rawlinson

Cardiff University has joined SETsquared – the world’s number one university business incubator. The collaboration will help turn research, spin-outs and start-ups into thriving businesses. Here, Simon Bond, Innovation Direction at SETsquared and Dr David Bembo, Cardiff’s Director of Research & Innovation Services, discuss the partnership and its mutual benefits.  What excites you most about this collaboration?   DB: SETsquared is the Global No. 1 Business Incubator, and its support programmes and professional communities of practice are regarded as
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A taste of milk&sugar

Posted on 9 September 2021 by Peter Rawlinson

Independent café group, milk&sugar, will provide hospitality in Cardiff’s landmark sbarc | spark building, fuelling great ideas. Here, the group’s owner, Tim Corrigan, explains why he’s delighted to be opening the company’s sixth Cardiff outlet on Cardiff Innovation Campus.  “We were absolutely delighted – and really excited – when we were chosen to be part of this incredible project. sbarc |spark and Milk&Sugar are all about creating new things in
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MAGMA – a magnet for Innovation

Posted on 31 August 2021 by Heath Jeffries

Cardiff University’s newly refurbished state-of-the-art MAGMA (Magnetic Materials and Applications) laboratories are now open for collaborative research and industrial projects in the School of Engineering. MAGMA Research Associate and lab manager Phillip Lugg-Widger outlines the great new facilities for trialling and testing magnetic materials. “Following a great deal of effort from our team over the
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Good vibrations for TRH

Posted on 23 August 2021 by Peter Rawlinson

‘In scientific terms, it’s difficult to overstate the importance of the surface,’ Professor Philip Davies writes.   ‘The semiconductor industry, for example, could not exist without exquisite knowledge, and control, of the surface. The chemicals industry, one of the other pillars of modern society, depends on the surface properties of nanometre-sized particles that make up the
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New cleanroom for CS technologies

Posted on 9 August 2021 by Peter Rawlinson

Scientists who will work in Cardiff University’s state-of-the-art Compound Semiconductor (CS) cleanroom have visited their future home.   Researchers from the ERDF-funded Institute for Compound Semiconductors (ICS) were given a tour of the facility, which will offer an 8-inch wafer fabrication line to cope with growing demand for CS devices.  The Cleanroom is being delivered by Ardmac – the leading provider of high-tech cleanrooms – and forms a key part
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Growing social innovation

Posted on 2 August 2021 by Peter Rawlinson

A three-way partnership to grow mint commercially on a not-for-profit basis has brought benefits to rural Uganda. The Community Enterprise Model for Plant Oil Production (CEMPOP) was forged five years ago as a partnership between academics in Cardiff University’s School of Biosciences, the Department of Food Technology & Nutrition in Makerere University, Kampala, and the
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