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Know your clock: next generation fitness

19 December 2023

Your body will function and perform differently at one time of day to another, based on a combination of your genetics and your environment, which is unique to you. When it comes to fitness, there is an optimum time for you to train, when your body is at its metabolic peak®, but how do you know when you are at your best?  Enter Genletics – a revolutionary genetic fitness test that determines the time of day when you are at your metabolic peak®.

Your circadian rhythm is your biological clock, which dictates when you are full of energy and when you should sleep. With a team of experts in biomedical science and genetics, Genletics provides both the technology and expertise, to measure the molecules of your circadian rhythms. Using innovative scientific analysis and technology, Genletics harnesses the power of genetics to give you the physiological and mental competitive edge.

Genletics was the first business to take lab. space in Cardiff Innovations, a growing innovation community which includes start-ups, spinouts and university industry partners at the University’s sbarc|spark building.

The company’s founder and CEO, Adam Thomas, is a geneticist with a doctorate in DNA mutational mechanisms and a passion for sport.

In this blog, we spoke to Adam, to find out more about Genletics, and the benefits the company has gained, since locating to sbarc|spark.

Where did it all start?

“My background in human genetics and interest in sports and keeping fit led me to questioning when I should workout to get the most out of every session, biologically rather than logistically. My research quickly led me to the elite and professional sports arena concluding that ‘it is vitally important for athletes and coaches to know when they should train.’ Knowing that each person is genetically different, and that each person will have a unique time to train, the question turned to; “how do we find out when the optimum time to train is?” So, we have developed a simple to use, at-home test kit and analytical process that can give us this information.”

Working with professional athletes

“We’ve recently worked with Ospreys Rugby. This is a season-long project examining how each player’s metabolic peak changes throughout the season. We know that sleep and diet patterns will influence your metabolic peak, and both will be affected e.g. after an evening game. Over the coming season, when Ospreys play late in the day, the players will complete a Genletics test kit. This data will help us to understand how your body adapts to changes in the timing of physical demand.”

“We’ve enjoyed numerous coffees with incredible athletes and innovative coaches recently. All of whom, we never thought we would be enjoying a coffee with.”

“It’s the great thing about being in Wales; someone knows someone.”

Sparking benefits

“The benefits of being at sbarc|spark have been far greater than we originally imagined. The proximity to the University community has helped the business grow. Through exploring and developing links within the university, we are now working closely with data scientists at the Data Science Academy, software developers at the National Software Academy and through the Student Futures Work Experience team, we have had the best experience of hosting current students on internships to help process samples from professional sport teams.”

What’s next?

“We have lots of research projects ongoing to figure out more about our metabolic peak® including one with Cardiff City FC Women, which is looking at the effects of menstruation.”

“We’re also currently in discussions with a Premier League football team who want to reformat their recovery programme and individualise their strength training.”

Find out more

Genletics isn’t just for professional athletes. Anyone seeking that competitive edge and who wants to maximise their training efficiency for optimal gains can use the test.

Explore Genletics and find out how to order a kit or follow their Instagram

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