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800 Words or less…

18 June 2019


In this blog, I’ll be sharing ideas on educational research, pedagogy, curriculum, and all-things education – in 800 words or less!

Well, that’s the goal anyway.

The posts are intentionally brief. I’m hoping they’ll serve as bite-sized chunks of information that will give people interested in education new things to think about and discuss. In addition to my own posts, I’ll be inviting contributors from all walks of life to share their ideas as well.

The posts on this blog will be loosely organized into three categories: Education, Research and Personal Reflection. Posts under the broad topic of “education” will focus on some of my favourite topics, like “educational aims,” the importance of “purpose and efficacy” in teaching, curriculum theory, and philosophical aspects of teaching and learning. Posts under “Research” will focus on finding, evaluating and responding to educational research, as well as ideas on how to increase our capacity to engage with research. It will also include updates and insights into some of my own research projects. The final category – Personal Reflection – is kind of a “wild card.” Posts in this section will include personal insights from guest authors and me about education and educationally-related (and most likely unrelated!) topics.

If you’re interested in contributing a post, please feel free to get in touch. Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Email me at:
  2. Put “800 words or less” in the subject line
  3. In the body of the email, write a short description of the topic you’d like to write about and why, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

It’s my hope this blog will provide a broad range of ideas about different educational topics from a variety of people and places.

Well, now that’s done. On to the next post!

Thanks for dropping by.