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Welsh Brexit Blog

5 April 2017

Brexit is likely to be the defining political and economic issue of the next few years. There will be a need for critical thinking, honest debate and broad opinion to help shape the future of Wales and the UK as we prepare to leave the European Union.

On the day Article 50 was triggered, we launched a new Brexit Blog. Our aim is to provide a home for expertise on Brexit as it relates to Wales and the UK’s exit of the EU.

As we are already home to a wealth of experts in Brexit-related issues, we hope this Blog will further position us as the go to place for thought leadership in this area and provide a platform for constructive debate and in-depth analysis to help inform current thinking.

Our opening post from polling expert Professor Roger Scully from our Wales Governance Centre explores what current opinion polls tell us about attitudes to Brexit. He concludes that there appears to have been little shift in public opinion since the referendum and that there is much we are yet to understand about levels of public knowledge and understanding of the issues surrounding Brexit. He goes on to outline how new University-funded qualitative and quantitative research over the next few years will start to probe what the Welsh electorate really know, feel and understand about Brexit.

We are keen for this blog to be a mix of research and commentary and to be informed by the big issues that are being debated in the area. If you are researching or working in this area and would like to contribute to the blog please get in touch with Lowri Jones (