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Drawbridge Britain

Posted on 17 May 2020 by Richard Martin

A critical look at the Windrush Scandal and the United Kingdom’s difficult history with immigration and asylum from journalist Russell Hargrave. This article mirrors a guest lecture delivered by Russell at the School of Journalism, Media and Culture just ahead of the publication of the Windrush Inquiry’s report, which is also available as a podcast.
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Economy and Trade

Building back better

Posted on 5 May 2020 by Dr Jennifer Allan

There is plenty of time to reflect these days and consider if the future will resemble the past. In policy terms, the coronavirus pandemic is a “critical juncture,” a shock that fundamentally jolts political, economic, and social institutions. During critical junctures, new ideas permeate mainstream conversations. Previously wild ideas are discussed by serious people in
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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Economy and Trade

Which Welsh households are most vulnerable to a loss of income because of Covid-19?

Posted on 20 March 2020 by Cian Sion

In the context of the Covid-19, Cian Siôn looks at how many Welsh households lack the savings necessary to cover a period without a regular income.
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General Election 2019: It’s time we listened to what the voters want

Posted on 11 November 2019 by Professor Laura McAllister

In an election framed by predictions, polls and populism—the emphasis of this campaign should be about communicating with the people. So Halloween—Calan Gaeaf—came and went without us exiting the European Union. It seems nobody died in a ditch to get Brexit done after all. Instead, we’re now a week into the 2019 UK General Election
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