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Meeting updates

UEB, 24 April 2017

24 April 2017
  • UEB received a presentation from Ms Alice Streatfeild, Research Director from ORC International on the recent staff survey results. It was noted that that the staff survey had received a 69% response rate, slightly higher than the sector average of 66%.  It was agreed that the recommended priorities from the staff survey for UEB should be – decision-making; co-operation across the University; and embedding strategic aims and objectives within Schools, Departments and Colleges.
  • UEB received the latest drafts of the new strategy, sub-strategies, key performance indicators and lead indicators. UEB discussed the latest drafts, minor revision would be made and the papers would be received by Policy and Resources Committee.
  • UEB received a paper on scholarships and bursaries 2018/19.
  • UEB received a paper on enhancing routes to career independence. Resourcing the recommendations would now be reviewed by the College registrars, Director of HR and the Director of Research and Innovation Services.

UEB received the following regular reports

  • Finance monthly report
  • Research and innovation monthly update
  • PVC College of Biomedical and Life Sciences monthly report
  • Innovation System update
  • Engagement activities monthly update
  • Chief Operating Officer’s monthly report
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor monthly report