Universe in the Classroom Resources

A range of hands-on and e-learning activities have been developed by Universe in the Classroom to promote the use of Astronomy’s uniquely inspiring qualities to inspire and engage young children and nurture a science literate generation.

These resources include two activity books filled with a variety of demonstrations, hands-on activities, scientific investigations, games and worksheets. Cosmos in your Pocket and Telescope in your pocket are two small booklets for children, filled with a range of engaging and fun astronomy education games. Additionally, we have designed a model of a robotic telescope that can be printed and built by young children so that can own their very own 1-metre telescope.  Finally, the beautifully illustrated comic book ‘There’s No Such Thing As A Stupid Queston” is available to download and print. This excellent piece of artwork teaches children and adults alike that curiosity is a value to be cherished not dampened.