Ever wanted X-ray specs or super-human vision? Chromoscope lets you explore our Galaxy (the Milky Way) and the distant Universe in a range of wavelengths from gamma-rays to the longest radio waves. Change the wavelength using the slider in the top right of the screen and explore space using your mouse. For more information we have a quick video tour.  If you get stuck, click “Help” in the bottom left.

You can use the compact version below, but to see it in fullscreen visit the Chromoscope website.

Chromoscope was developed by Stuart Lowe, Chris North and Rob Simpson for a Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in 2009. It is an open source project, and is available to download from Github. The sets of images for the various wavelengths are also available to download if you would like to install it locally.

If you like Chromoscope, why not have a look at Planckoscope, which shows data from the Planck satellite?