About Inspiring Science

This is a Legacy Project: The funding for this project ended in 2016, but many of the resources developed as part of it are still available on our resources page. Please contact us for more information.

As well as providing ready-to-use science tools for use in the classroom, the Inspiring Science Education project aims to highlight the importance and advantages of high-quality, inspirational science education, which can make it attractive to a broader group of students. Through improving science teaching and learning in schools, Inspiring Science Education will make science education more challenging, more playful and above all more imaginative and inspiring for the younger generation.

The ISE project will explore how various learning applications, such as interactive simulations, educational games and eScience applications, can be deployed in the everyday school practice as a part of curriculum-led learning, integrating them with extra-curricular activities, such as visits to museums, research centres and field trips.

We aim to design, plan and implement large-scale pilots to stimulate and evaluate innovative use of existing eLearning tools and resources. The selection and integration of the eLearning tools will aim to support the best possible practices of learning, teaching, and assessment.

By implementing the eLearning tools, ISE aims to enhance science education and learning in 5000 primary and secondary schools in 15 European countries, including more than 500 from across the UK. Our approach will offer the basis for the introduction of technology-supported educational innovation in European schools.