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Pythagorean Astronomy: Gravitational Field Trip – part 2

Chris in front of the LIGO Hanford sign

Proof that I was there!

This is the second part of a gravitational field trip to the LIGO Hanford Observatory in Washington State, in the US.

Last month we talked about how the detectors work, and the scientists and engineers who operate them. This time, we take a longer-term look, not just into the future but also into the past, and ask what it took to get here, and what the future holds.

Dr Mike Landry, Head of LIGO Hanford Observatory, and Dr Fred Raab, Associate Director of Operations at LIGO explains what it takes to run an observatory.

We hear about some of the technical details from Dr Georgia Mansell. And Corey Gray explains his route to becoming a Senior Operatory at LIGO Hanford, and the impact of his Native American heritage.

An extended edition of an original broadcast on 8th September 2022 as part of Pythagoras’ Trousers on Radio Cardiff.