Ogden Trust Schools Physicist of the Year Award 2018

Do you have a Year 7 and/or 10 student you feel deserves to have their efforts and achievements in physics recognised? They don’t need to be your highest achieving student academically as this award is for enthusiastic students who may have faced difficulties throughout the year but has continued to show progression in physics. They may have shown improvement in their studies or demonstrated great enthusiasm for the subject despite lacking support at home. The Ogden Trust’s School Physicist of the Year Award is open for nominations. If you teach  physics at a school or college in Wales, Bristol, Bath or Somerset you can nominate your most promising Year 7 and/or 10 physics student. Entries are limited to one Year 7 and one Year 10 student per school, and all nominees will receive £10 (year 7) or £25 (year 10) book vouchers, and will the eligible to apply for events and other programmes offered by the Ogden Trust Alumni Association.

The Award Ceremony will be held July 18, so save the date.

All you have to do is use the form below to nominate your students. The information will only be used in conjunction with the Ogden Trust School Physicist of the Year Award. If you would not like to nominate a specific student yet, but would like to receive more information, please enter “TBC” in the student fields.

We will treat your information with respect, and only use the contact details you provide for communication relating to the School Physicist of the Year award.

If you do not teach at a school in Wales, Bristol, Bath or Somerset then please contact your local Ogden Science Officer.