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New Physics Educational Resources

Centaurus A

Supernova in Centaurus A

Cardiff University’s school of Physics and Astronomy, working with Faulkes Telescope and Down2Earth Projects have developed two new resources for Key Stage 4 students. Using astronomy and space science these new resources aim to provide an innovative context for students to experience the GCSE physics syllabus.

The first resource uses observations of supernovae (taken using Faulkes Telescopes) to calculate the age of the universe and how quickly it is expanding. Using Hubble’s law, students are able to analyse the provided data sets, or can use the telescopes themselves to produce their own observational data to study.

The second resource allows students to investigate how comet and asteroid impact events could, and have affected the Earth. Using an online simulator, students can explore how speed, distance, energy and kinematics can create impact events like the one that wiped out the dinosaurs over 65 million years ago!

If you would like to use these resources in your class, you will also be invited to take part in a study exploring how students engage with these resources. Participation in this study is entirely voluntary, but will provide invaluable help to the research project.

For more information, contact Sophie Bartlett directly, or using the contact form below.