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Cosmos: the Infographic Book of Space


The human race has always revealed an insatiable hunger to search “to infinity and beyond”. On Sunday 18th October, as part of Penarth Book Festival, Cardiff astrophysicist Chris North and colleague Stuart Lowe will use cutting-edge infographics to illustrate – in a new and unique way – the most amazing places and objects that modern science has laid bare.

As well as hearing from the authors, the audience will have the chance to ask questions. Whether about discoveries of planets beyond our Solar System and their viability for alien life, or the instruments and machines that are discovering the hidden secrets of the Universe, there’s sure to be something to pique the interest of everyone, however young or old. The event will be held 11:30-12:30 on 18th October at All Saints Lesser Hall, Victoria Square, Penarth. Tickets are available at

The talk accompanies a new book, “Cosmos: the Infographic Book of Space”, published on 22nd October. Featuring innovative, inspirational and original deisigns by the authors, based on the latest state of astronomy research, the book delves into a truly international subject, and will appeal to stargazers and space enthusiasts alike.

“We’re used to astronomy as being spectacular images of space, and the views can be extraordinary”, explained Chris. “But astronomy is much more than just pretty pictures, and it has been a fascinating experience to create visual views of our Universe in a very different way”.


Cosmos: the Infographic Book of Space” explores the secret lives of galaxies and stars, examines the thousand new planets found outside the Solar System, chronicles the incredible instruments and machines that are discovering the hidden secrets of the Universe, and investigates the astounding technology used by humans and robotic explorers as they push out beyond the Moon to Mars. For those wanting to delve deeper, a website and digital repository accompanying the the book will be published with the book.

Stuart and Chris first met while working on the Planck satellite. This led to the development of the project, which allows people to view the Universe in a whole new light. Their partnership has included websites that enable people to design their own space telescopes, and even play with the properties of the cosmos. Both have significant experience of writing and talking about astronomy and space to a general audience.

Date: Sunday 18th October
Time: 11:30am – 12:30pm
Venue: All Saints Lesser Hall, Victoria Square, Penarth
Booking link: