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I was delighted to be asked back to Leicestershire (where I grew up) last week to give a keynote talk at the launch of a Science Learning Partnership in the region. These partnerships are part of the national network of Science Learning Centres, and bring together science teachers from across the educational system (from primary up to post-16) to share resources, ideas, and training.

The launch of the Leicester partnership is called STELLAR (the Science Technology partnership in Leicester City, Leicestershire and the Surrounding Regions) – and while the acronym may seem contrived, I did point out that as an astronomer I can hardly talk! The launch took place at Forest Way School, which already leads a “Teaching Schools Alliance” with other schools in the area. It’s also a special school, designed for students with a wide range of needs, from moderate learning disabilities to profound and multiple learning difficulties. I was lucky enough to be taken on a tour – it certainly has an incredibly impressive suite of resources!

Although the launch event was relatively brief, as such twilight sessions often are, it provided a great insight into how teachers are working together in such groups. Everyone there was enthusiastic and willing to share resources – I hope they found what I had to say about Herschel interesting!

These Science Learning Partnerships fit very nicely with our Inspiring Science Education project, which will involve teachers from across the UK, and we’re hoping to work with them to help disseminate our resources. It was great to be able to use this launch to advertise our next event, which will take place at Ashby School (my alma mater) on 11th March. I hope to see a lot of familiar faces!