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Trudi Marsden – External Consultant

15 June 2022

MAGMA works alongside a number of different individuals and organisations with long standing experience in the electrification industry.  One of these is Trudi Marsden, an external consultant. Trudi is a much valued member of our External Advisory Board which includes members from industry, funding bodies and Welsh Government. Trudi recently commented on her work with MAGMA:

“I have worked within the manufacturing industry for nearly 30 years, and I am pleased to see that despite the decline in the UK manufacturing sector in that time, that the UK remains a strong centre for R&D and manufacturing knowledge.  The team within the Magma centre of excellence in Cardiff are a key part of that footprint of expertise, and I have had the pleasure of working with them to deliver greater product and process understanding. Now more than ever the role of magnetic materials is key to delivering the global environmental goals and enabling the electrification strategies for the UK. Magma are a key resource that all businesses should be drawing on, to enable them to deliver optimum designs which achieve the best results from the materials within their integrated systems”

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