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Microstructural Magnetic Modelling and Measurement

21 July 2022

Dr Jun Liu, a lecturer in the MAGMA group, is excited to be acting as guest editor for a special Magnetochemistry issue on “Microstructural Magnetic Modelling and Measurement”.

This Special Issue aims to report the progress in the understanding, modelling and measurement of the relationships between microstructure and magnetic properties in ferromagnetic materials. Manuscripts on the study and/or application of these relationships in the following areas are particularly welcome:

  • Materials design and microstructure engineering of ferromagnetic materials;
  • Microstructure analytics of structural materials using magnetic or electromagnetic techniques (non-destructive or destructive);
  • Finite element modelling of magnetic devices considering both the microstructure and magnetic properties of the magnetic materials;
  • Multi-scale magnetic modelling involving or linking to microstructures;
  • Magnetic hysteresis modelling considering microstructures;
  • Study of magnetic property behaviors from a microstructural point of view;
  • Linking other multi-physical properties or mechanical properties to magnetic properties through microstructures;
  • Study of magnetic domain structures and processes linked to microstructures and magnetic properties

For full information regarding this special edition follow this link.

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