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MAGMA One Year On

29 October 2020

28th October marked the one year anniversary of me starting as MAGMA project manager. When starting last year I did not anticipate a global pandemic and our labs having to be closed for 6 months. However, I think it’s worth celebrating what has been achieved in the last year especially given the difficult circumstances.

-Appointed 2 permanent lecturers to the group. Dr Chris Harrison and Dr Jun Liu. All interviews done virtually.

-Appointed a new lab manager to the team Phillip Lugg-Widger

-Secured £628k of research funding

-Collaborated with 4 partners with more to come

-Purchased and received a gas retort furnace

-Refurbishment has commenced on all of the labs

-Website launched

-Twitter account launched with 73 followers

-Participated in the ‘Museum After Dark’ event at the National Museum in February demonstrating magnetics to families

-Electromagnetism activity badge for Guiding Cymru to be launched in November

-Cross cutting themes champion appointed

-Inception evaluation of the operation completed

-External advisory board members selected and first meeting done

This list is not exhaustive. There is plenty more we have achieved. Here’s to having a similar list next year and be celebrating it in better circumstances.