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Tips for keeping focus as a part-time student

5 April 2023

Part-time students frequently struggle to balance their personal and academic life at once, frequently having a limited amount of time, therefore maintaining organisation is essential to properly managing their academic workload. It also facilitates concentration and skill and knowledge advancement. As an international student, I first had trouble adjusting because of the language barrier, cultural differences, and difficulty blending in with the group. To work on that, I took a decision to work on improving my abilities in my spare time. I began looking for employment that required me to engage and socialize with others. I was able to increase my confidence and learn new things while serving as a digital and student ambassador at the University.

A few tips and suggestions to help you reduce your stress and live a lot more relaxed life as a part time student.:

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Create a schedule

It is advised to maintain all reference materials, textbooks, and notes neatly arranged. Class materials and homework assignments can be categorised using folders or binders. Separating work days and study days is also a good idea because it promotes a healthier work-life balance. The best time to work is on the weekends, when pay rates are frequently higher. Using technology to streamline the procedure, such as Microsoft Teams, helps to keep track of assignments and due dates by using apps like Miro or Evernote.

Take breaks

It’s typical for part-time students to feel overburdened owing to the obligations of working and studying, especially those seeking master’s or research degrees. Mind hurdles and feeling trapped are common since they demand a lot of mental effort. Regular breaks are essential to preserve focus and energy to counteract this. So, to relax, these mini breaks helps to maintain your energy and focus like going for a stroll in the nearby park, a cup of coffee or calls with loved ones.

Set work priorities

Setting task priorities is essential for part-time students to successfully manage their workload.   It’s also beneficial to change your routine and concentrate on one assignment at a time. To manage your time more effectively and utilise the resources offered by the university, make a list of your daily activities.

Avoid distractions

To reduce distractions while studying by switching off your phone, logging from social media, and other devices. The Arts and Social Studies Library, which is open round-the-clock and provides a welcoming atmosphere for students, is a great option if you want to switch around where you study.  Also, each college has a library that is open to students and can assist you in maintaining your concentration on your academic objectives.

Work that fits

Part-time students can streamline their workflow by utilising technology. Students can work remotely on a variety of job-hunting websites, including Jobshop, Indeed Flex, hap, and others. Finding the ideal employment that matches your qualifications and schedule is crucial. Volunteering can help you increase your flexibility and organisational abilities while also enhancing your CV.

Students in the UK have access to a wide range of flexible working options, and altering your employment schedule is often straightforward. We also have the choice to accept or reject an offer of work, at which point we can adjust our plans. The Student Union also provides assistance, so your part time work can be much more than a regular job and can help you to learn the concept of work life balance.