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Managing workload while travelling

8 June 2023
Sunset from Top of the Rock
Sunset from Top of the Rock

As students, we want to do it all and (most of us) are lucky enough to have the luxury of long breaks from uni for us to try and do as much as we can. However, it can just happen that we still have assignments to work towards, internship applications to complete, etcetera. So while we are living our best lives, we may have to still manage our workload while travelling. This blog aims to give you tips and tricks for managing your workload while still getting the most out of having the opportunity to travel. 

Loggerhead Marinelife Center, Juno Beach, Florida

Over the recent spring break, I had the opportunity to travel down parts of the East Coast of the US. However, despite not wanting to miss the opportunity, I still had assessments to prepare for, readings to get done, summer internship and job applications to complete. This meant that it was really important to plan my time well in order to effectively manage my workload while travelling.

Time blocking 

One of the most effective ways that I stayed on top of my workload while still enjoying my time travelling is by making a to-do list, and then allocating a time slot for when I will complete each task. This keeps you on track and is great to stop you from procrastinating – especially if you have a busy day of enjoying your lasted destination planned.

Noting deadlines – I use my Google calendar

Another way to stay on track with reading goals, internship application deadlines and coursework deadlines is by making a very clear note of the date things are due. I use my Google calendar to set up a very red, obvious alert with notifications 3 days before each deadline. This helps me with making sure that I forget nothing and can complete everything in advance without cramming.

Be flexible and still have fun 

You’re travelling and taking advantage of these opportunities in order to have fun. Therefore, it is still important to remember to be flexible and allow room in your calendar for spontaneous adventures, have days off and look after yourself.

Use the excuse to explore local coffee shops 

When I was in Washington D.C. solo, I received results for a previous essay and the deadline for the next essay was pushed back so I had time to work on it more in reflection on the recent marks returned. I luckily managed to make the most of this experience by exploring the local coffee shops in D.C. when I was trying to get this completed. It was fun to imagine a more nomadic lifestyle while meeting people who worked remotely or were preparing for business meetings (who I wouldn’t have met if I was exploring museums and going to The White House) from interesting coffee shops. By helping me meet locals, this actually added to my experience, as well as helping me get my work done.

I hope that these points help you to organise yourself to manage your workload while travelling or inspire you to take advantage of remote learning to discover what adventures you can find yourself in.