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Open Day

How to Make the Most out of a University Open Day

12 April 2022

University open days are a great opportunity to explore the university and city that you will be living in. It is important that you explore as many things as possible on an open day so you can get a full understanding of the university. 


First of all, try and get to the city as early as possible so you can have a full day exploring the university. Pack water and snacks to keep you fuelled for a busy day. Before you arrive, look into restaurants you may want to try whilst in Cardiff and factor that in whilst planning your day. Set aside a couple of hours to walk around the city and the places you may be living. 


Once in Cardiff, take a moment to imagine yourself living here. Open days can sometimes be overwhelming and it is important to take some time to envisage your potential new life in this city. The main point of the day should be to help you decide if this uni is right for you, so take your time getting used to campus and the city. 

Attending a course talk is a great way to find out more information about what you will be studying and to gain extra information that may not be present on the website. It is great to be able to be in a lecture room and listen to faculty talking about a course you are interested in studying, it is a very motivating experience. If possible, try to get the contact details of some other students in the course talk, and talk to them about why they are choosing Cardiff University. The open day is a great opportunity to create contact with your future coursemates so definitely try to discuss things with fellow students. 

If you are able to, look around accommodation and go on an accommodation tour. This is a great way to see where you could be living. Ask your tour guide as many questions as possible so you can get a comprehensive understanding of what it will be like living in those halls. If there are other students living in the accommodation, ask them questions too (if they are willing), so you can get a range of opinions. Ask about noise in the building and on the street, the storage in the rooms and kitchen, what day the cleaners come etc. 


Attend as many talks as possible, whether they are about societies or student finance, try to immerse yourself in university and all the areas that are involved with it on the open day. See the open day as a chance to learn more about your potential new life at Cardiff University. Embrace as much of the uni and the city as possible, and enjoy yourself. Open days are really exciting and fun so allow yourself to be swept up in the moment and the day. 


Stay tuned for more videos and blogs!


Miah x