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Easter is coming…

15 Mawrth 2018

With Easter holidays on the horizon it’s important to get organised- yes I know I’m a bore and I probably sound like your mum when she tells you to do some work, but trust me, you won’t regret it.

It’s very tempting to go home for the three weeks and eat chocolate eggs until you fall asleep, BUT, and I know it’s a frightening prospect but when we come back we’re only a few weeks away from the exam period. Eek! So, in order to make your own life easier and avoid upcoming existential crises, it’s best to bite the bullet and look at exam topics now.

Even if you just decide which topics on your exam to revise for, that’s a start and you’ll be more organised than you were before. Remember to avoid topics you did for precious essay assessments to ensure you don’t plagiarise yourself.



Easter is not only great because we get three weeks off, but it allows us to get our lives together a little bit- I know that’s what I’ll be trying to do. Pick some topics for exams and sort out each module so when it comes down to it there’s no worry and you know what to revise. I certainly won’t be dedicating my entire Easter break to uni work that’s for sure (I’ve got a 4 day holiday booked!) but even a few days just to gain some peace of mind about dreaded exams.

I will be attempting to decide what topics to do on my exams, and perhaps looking at some theorists and historians so I have some names and dates to throw into the exam paper – they love names and dates. Note: I do both essay based subjects so I’m afraid I’m not much help for science and maths based subjects but I assume they require as much prep.

So get organised and you will find you’ll be able to enjoy your time off even more!